Application Security Services

Application Security cycle starts right from the beginning. We help you integrate application security right from requirement gathering phase and take it till application is deployed in production.

Some lesser matured developers see security as post-fix solution and expect the involvement of security specialist at the time of release or sometimes after release. This approach manifolds the cost of application security.

The application security costs minimum if the security specialists are involved since beginning.

The funda is very simple, when do you consult a gynecologist, since a baby is conceived or after delivery. The risk as well as cost may increase with the time you take in speaking to a gynecologist. Hope you will agree that sooner is better and safer.

The same is the case of application development. Sooner is better, cheaper & more secure.

Our specialized application security consultants can help you deliver a healthy application with security embedded to it naturally and not as add-on.

Application testing is another essential step in the System Development Life Cycle. During testing phase various manual as well as automated tests are conducted to make sure that it gives expected results.

The security testing should be seen as one of the type of test and must be conducted during testing or staging phase.

Consider what if the application gets compromised once deployed in production, it will not only impact your business operations but will also risk the data it contains. And if your application is being used by your customers, then damages are even higher. Your may loose your customer, your reputation and may also attract penalties.

We help you not only being compliant but also be safe & secure when you go online. We do not finish our work by just passing instructions. We work as extension to your core team. We work with ownership, once we are in it becomes our responsibility & accountability to get things right. We focus on aligning security to meet your business objectives & to match your business operations.

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