Compliance As A Service [COMPAAS]

The ever changing security challenges making it harder to manage information security with limited internal knowledge available with organizations. People learn from environment they are working in & remember what they regularly work on; slowly knowledge of human brains gets limited to their daily activities. The applications and IT infrastructure is getting complex day by day making it difficult to keep abreast with latest technologies and their associated security concerns for corporate teams. On top of technical challenges the complexity of multiple compliance requirements make it even harder to keep everything simple & in-order. This is evidenced by the fact that organizations have started looking for consultants more often for tasks they are not able to manage in-house. Bringing in external knowledge is very important for development of organizations. Not only it is quite expensive, but also fairly difficult to manage complete information security of an organization with limited internal knowledge. Therefore, more and more enterprises today are opting for services from those third party organizations having the requisite skills to perform full-fledged security operations.

Our Compliance-As-A-Service [COMPAASTM] is a unique service offering that enables you to focus on your primary business as we offload all your compliance and information security worries. This leads to more productivity as you do what you are best at, leading to better business results; and we do what we are best at, leading to better compliance management.

We offer a complete portfolio of information security compliance services to ensure that information security risks are pro-actively managed.

Our COMPAASTM services include:

  • Compliance to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Standard
  • Compliance to ISO 22301:2012 Standard
  • Compliance to PCI-DSS Standard
  • Compliance to SSAE16 Requirements
  • Compliance to HIPAA Requirements
  • Compliance to Customer Requirements
  • Compliance to Business Requirements
  • Compliance to Regulatory Requirements

Our goal is to reduce your total cost of operations to manage compliance and to provide an improved state of information security to your business. We provide measurable results.

Our COMPAASTM service delivery is based on ‘onshore’, ‘offshore’ and ‘onshore+offshore’ models.

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