Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Regularly conducting security assessment of your information systems is important in preventing possible security attacks. The goal is to know weaknesses of your information systems before a hacker does. Early identification of your security weaknesses not only saves you dollars but also protects your business operations and your brand reputation.

Think what will happen if your competitor knows all details of your customers. Know the security weaknesses of your enterprise applications like CRM, ERP, Intranet before it is too late.

Leaked customer data is not only a threat of loosing customers but may also attracts legal penalties and law suits.

You need to be prudent in knowing your vulnerabilities and fixing them in time to protect your information.

Our Security Assessments are 100% safe to run on your production systems. It just finds possible vulnerabilities and validates their existence under safe limits. It does not exploit your vulnerabilities as exploitation may negatively impact your business operations.

Need not to say that one time security assessment conducted before or after release of application is not enough as hackers are working constantly to find new ways to hack into government, corporate or public applications.

After all there are reasons why all information security standards recommend to conduct security assessment of your information assets at defined periodicity.

*One Time, Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Plans are available.

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