ISO/IEC 38500 IT Corporate Governance Manager

This three day intensive course enables the participants to develop the necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing corporate governance of Information Technology as specified in ISO/IEC 38500. Participants will also gain a thorough understanding of best practices used to implement guidance for Corporate Governance of IT from all areas of ISO/IEC 38500. ISO/ IEC 38500 applies to the governance of management processes (and decisions) relating to the information and communication services used by an organization. These processes could be controlled by IT specialists within the organization or external service providers, or by business units within the organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Project managers or consultants wanting to prepare and to support an organization in the implementation of corporate governance of Information Technology
  • ISO/IEC 38500 auditors who wish to fully understand the corporate governance of IT implementation process
  • Senior Managers responsible for the IT governance of an enterprise and the management of its risks
  • Members of groups monitoring the resources within the organization
  • External business or technical specialists, such as legal or accounting specialists, retail associations, or professional bodies
  • Vendors of hardware, software, communications and other IT products
  • Internal and external service providers (including consultants)

Course Content:

  • Introduction to corporate governance of IT
  • Fundamental principles of corporate governance of IT
  • Initiation process of corporate governance of IT
  • Definition of the scope
  • Corporate governance application
  • Objectives of ISO/IEC 38500
  • Benefits of using this standard
  • Referenced documents
  • Definitions
  • Principles
  • Model
  • Responsibility of directors for corporate governance of IT
  • Strategy of IT development
  • Acquisition
  • Performance of corporate governance of IT
  • Conformance
  • Human Behavior


3 Days

Exam Information:

  • Duration : 2 Hours
  • Question format : Essay-type questions
  • Exam language : English


Knowledge on IT Corporate Governance is preferred.

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